Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Admiring The Unsullied Beauty Of Rain And Unravelling Some Interesting Facts

Admiring The Unsullied Beauty Of Rain And Unravelling Some Interesting Facts

As I sit to write about rain, it started to rain in my place. What a coincidence! And that peps up my mood. Rain is one of the most beautiful gifts of Mother Nature. We all relish when we see rain, don't we? Rain is not just a case of tiny water droplets falling down from the sky. It's something more than that. The noise of the rain can be compared with the sweet voice of the bird called Nightingale; the natural smell of the rain can be compared with that of the most scented flower in the world. The climate is chill and pleasant. The sight of rain itself makes us forget all our worries and kindles the childishness within ourselves. We all like getting drenched in the rain, don't we? It's feels like God is showering his blessings upon us. The appearance of the seven-colored rainbow after the rain stops is simply mesmerizing.

Every life on earth has a fascination for rain due to some reason or the other. Poets and writers get inspiration, artists get creative imagination, farmers get free water for irrigation, children get exceedingly happy, people who sail in the ship get unbelievably joyful, lives on the desert get a huge relief from the scorching heat, animals in the jungle quench get to their thirst, and even birds from all over the world like going to their shelter and enjoying the rain.

A few amazing facts about the rain:

Rain drops can hit the earth at a maximum speed of about 22 miles an hour.

Contrary to people's belief, rain drops fall in flat oval shape and not as tears of droplets.
A light rainfall is one which can record about 0.10 inches an hour while a heavy rain is one which can register 0.30 inches an hour.
Louisiana is the wettest state in the US, receiving an average annual rainfall of about 56 inches.
In one second, approximately 16 million tons of water gets evaporated from the earth.
Research states that rain has the ability to hypnotize people and inspire them to a world of imaginations. Without much scientific evidence, the scientists could only say, "In the rain, there are songs that can only be heard by those who miss".
Rain helps in maintaining the natural phenomenon of water cycle, without which no life can survive on earth.

However, some weird phenomenon of rain has been recorded in the past. Some of them are explained below.
There have been records of frog rain, worm rain, squid rain, and alligator rain. The reason that researchers could give was that these animals could have been carried away by a strong tornado or a whirlwind from the water bodies for several hundred miles and fall as rain in a different location. Nevertheless, these explanations are yet to be proved!

Frog rain:

In 1873, the Kansas City of Missouri was pelted with frogs and toads that happened during a heavy storm. The people were astonished by the fact that these creatures were not fake, they were the natural forgs that people have been seeing in their everyday life. In 1901, Minneapolis, Minnesota was blanketed with frog rain. People in a city in Southern Greece named Naphlion, were astonished to see small green frogs resulting from a rainfall. The species of these frogs were believed to be a native of North Africa.

Fish rain:

After it rains, the pond and small water bodies may get filled up with water which will eventually attract fishes but have you ever heard or seen fishes raining down? Such an unusual incident happened in a state in Southern India. People say that the fishes were so big that each fish weighed as much as 8 pounds. Similar incidents have been reported in places like Singapore, England, North Sydney (Australia), and Chilatchee, Alabama.

I happened to see a fish rain that happened in Southern India on a news channel on my Dish TV connection. Luckily I have availed one of the best Dish TV Offers and I'm able to enjoy a slew of programs at a nominal cost. All right folks! I'm going to take some time off and enjoy the rain. Have a great day!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What is Dragon City Hack?

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What is Dragon City Hack?

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

¿Qué es Espacio Zapata?

Pensamos que todos tenemos el derecho de expresar a través de las diversas manifestaciones artísticas la denuncia de lo inhumano de estes sistema capitalista....

El arte es un potente medio de expresión y pensamos que todos deben de tener la opotunidad de desarrollar su capacidad creativa. Sea que uno piense en cerámica, teatro, figuras de madera, cocina, pintura o música, se ha demostrado a través de los siglos en las diversas obras históricas, en Oaxaca del 2006 se vivieron de los hechos más importantes en la historia contemporánea de México, una colvulsión social que renovó la capacidad creativa y fue "en las calles", sin olvidar la participación de otros sectores en pintas, grabados y carteles, en canciones de protesta, en monigotes y hasta en figuras de rábanos para mostrar el rostro del pueblo oprimido por la dictadura burguesa. Ahí nace la Asamblea de Artista Revolucionarios de Oaxaca, o ASARO, que a dos años de haberse creado, ahora impulsa el Espacio Zapata. Aunque vemos que la calle continua teniendo este papel, Espacio Zapata surge a partir de varias necesidades, y una problemática que es la "no visibilización" de las expresiones artísticas que "atentan contra la cultura dominante", donde la mayoría de los artistas creadores se subordinan al capital (produciendo arte como mercancía), donde el intelectual bajo su ropaje de creador "libre" e "individual" sepulta la crítica ante los hechos sociales (¿el por qué de la pobreza, de la explotación, la criminalización de la lucha social, la violación de los derechos humanos, etc, incluso llegando al cinismo de justificar los hehcho?).

El caminar de ASARO ha obligado ante el peligro de alinearse al capital con ofertas (becas, concursos, intercambios artísticos, aperturas de galerías, etc) a reflexionary resolver colectivamenete varias necesidades: ¿cómo desarrollar un arte social político?, ¿cómo sobrevivir de lo que hacemos?, ¿cómo ampliamos un diálogo con nuestro pueblo-acaso multiplicando nuestra propuesta, dando talleres, exposiciones en colonias, barrios, comunidades?, ¿cómo impulsar y apoyar otras expresiones artísticas con temática social-política (teatro callejero, video, música, fotografía, etc)?, ¿ de qué manera se logra participar en espacio unitarios con otros colectivos, artisitas individuales, organizaciones culturales afines para no aislarnos?. La tarea es larga y no se cierra, aunque en algunas de las preguntas se visualizan posibles respuestas.

Además de la exibición de obras gráficas y plásticas, nos hemos propuesto en Espacio Zapata generar conciencia de nuestro pueblo oprimido através de foros, la proyección de documentales y películas, eventos musicales y de teatro. Visualizamos al Espacio Zapata como un espacio de encuentro entre diferentes técnicas y expresiones sociales de nuestras realidades. Al mismo tiempo, el Espacio Zapata busca que artistas, individuales o colectivos comprometidos con el pueblo, puedan sobrevivir de su labor creativa.

Lo que planteamos como la base de este esfuerzo es poder recaudar los fondos necesarios para poder crear los talleres para que niños y jóvenes de comunidades y colonias empiezen a reflejar su realidad social a través de diversas expresiones artísticas. De esta manera los talleres nos permitan hacer un vínculo más estrecho con nuestro pueblo y sus realidades. Esto es fundamental por que la mayor parte de los artistas haciendo temática social estamos vincualdos con el pueblo y somos conscientes de que el artista debe de acercarse al pueblo para poder avanzar no solo en la cuestión creativa sino en la lucha social. De esta manera el arte llega de las calles a los muros del Espacio Zapata y sale otra vez a la calle en un proceos retroalimentativo.

Los invitamos entonces a conocer esta otra cara creativa de nuestor pueblo, y a considerar comprar una obra, grabado, playera o postal, o talvez hacer un donativo o incluso apadrinar un proyecto y a sumarse al esfuerzo.